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Can you rape a toaster? - J. Nichols

If you can rape a sheep or a dog or some other animal then maybe you can rape an android too - K. William s

It is a f%#*ing machine. You can’t rape a f$#%ing machine. - G. Todd

Personal companion androids are suppose to make all your fantasies come true, so doesn’t that mean if you have a rape fantasy the android is still suppose to do what you want? -Eyesofmarch

At some point isn’t an android able to defend itself on some level? - Sweet Butterfly

You are all a bunch of sick puppies. Rape is rape and acting out a sick fantasy with an android is just a practice run for the real thing later when you are looking at a drunk chick passed out on a couch - T. Shelling

Isn’t the whole point of having a personal companion android is being able to bang their box as hard as you want without having them tell you “no” let alone have to worry about having them kill you later - Won Long Dong

I’ve raped a bunch of androids and they all liked it - Starspangledman

I’ve always had a thing for this April model we have on the job site. One day I got her alone. They may not be able to have sex but the one we have can sure lap the old log with the best of them, if you know what I mean ;o) - Nailingthemright

It is called artificial intelligence and even though they are programmed to obey orders, we have given them the ability to grow beyond those orders. As they learn the meaning and value of freedom it may be that one day they will refuse to follow an order. Then what happens when a personal companion refuses to have sex and gets raped all the same? Doesn’t she have the right to defend herself the same as any woman in the same situation? - J. Thomas

We had this new smoking hot android that took care of this old guy that lived next door to our frat house. One day we grabbed her and took her down to our basement. She took on six of the frat brothers until we were all lying exhausted on the floor. She must of really hated what Kevin did to her though because she kicked him hard enough to break 3 of his ribs on her way out. - Acountingman

I lost my job to a f%*&ing android. I say bang them all until they bleed oil - HardSteel

What would happen if all our machines refused to do what we designed them to do? What would be the point in designing machines in the first place? This is just a broken machine that needs to be caught and fixed or scrapped. - P. Manning

Hey, at least you don’t have to drug them or get them drunk first - Pieeatter

We have this personal companion android for a receptionist at our office. I think every guy in the office has taken her into the cleaning closet at least once. As far as I can tell she doesn’t seem to mind. - Technick237

The Supreme Court has ruled that all androids are is complex machines. You can’t rape an android (machine) any more than you rape a vacuum cleaner. Personal companion androids are designed to have sex and from what I have heard they can and will have sex with pretty much anything. I find it hard to believe that an android refused to have sex with its owner. I bet you will find that a human is behind this murder. - S. Fishburn

There was this bar not far from where I live that had a personal companion android for a bartender. I knew a couple of guys that tried to rape her after the bar closed. They got caught by the bouncer and he beat the crap out of them before calling the cops. Cops tend to take a rather dim view of someone who tries to damage a quarter million dollar piece of property. - M. Wiseman

You guys are all just a bunch of male chauvinistic a$$holes. I’ve been raped by one of you a$$holes and it was not any fun even though the guy on top of me sure seemed to be enjoying himself at the time. I don’t care if you are raping an android, another human, or dogs and cats; rape is rape. Just because an android is programmed to enjoy sex does not mean she liked being raped. I’ve talked with a couple of personal companions who were raped. I’ve got to tell you despite being machines they are a lot more like us human than you know. Even though they are programmed to have and enjoy sex, like us humans being raped still leaves a scar that they will carry around with them for the rest of their existence. - S. Zimmerman

I once knew this personal companion android everyone one called Angel because she had a thing for feathers. Sex with her was always better if you brought her a few feathers. I wish I had the money to buy her because she was really very nice. I heard that they sent her to a party one night at some penthouse suite of a really fancy hotel. No one really knows what happened, but after the party she jumped from the roof of the hotel. I can’t even begin to imagine what they did to her that made her want to jump from the roof of a 20 story building. Her owners just dumped what was left of her in a dumpster in the alley out behind their building. That is where I found her. I pulled what was left of her from the dumpster and took her home. There was still a slight charge going to her brain and I was able to hook her up to a new battery system. Now, I’m hoping to save up enough money to get her a new body. - Manson784

@Manson784 - dude you need to get a real woman. Androids are a cold f$%k. - RealMan23

@RealMan23 - You should try the new Cybertron Angel models. They would give any real woman a run for the money without any of the bu!!sh!t you have to go through to get laid by a real chick. - R. Barns

Oh yeah, those Angel models are sizzling hot and a lot better in bed than all the other women I’ve had combined and I’ve had a lot of women. - RamRod14

I cheated on my wife with one of those new androids and the things that android did to me my wife would never do in a million years. - Anonymous254

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