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The area known as the Bermuda Triangle has always filled people's minds with thoughts of superstitious and paranormal explanations to an area of the sea that is purported to be a place of great mystery. A mystery embraced by some and laughed at by others.

The rational explanations are little more down to earth when viewed as a whole. The number of ships and aircraft reported missing in the area is not considerably greater than in any other part of the ocean. In an area frequented by tropical storms, the number of disappearances that did occur was neither disproportionate, unlikely, nor mysterious.

Furthermore, some writers capitalizing on this so-called mystery would often fail to mention such storms or even represent the disappearance as having happened in calm conditions when meteorological records clearly refute this. The number of incidents has often been exaggerated by sloppy research. Some disappearances had, in fact, never happened. The legend of the Bermuda Triangle has been a manufactured mystery, perpetuated by writers who either purposely or unknowingly made use of misconceptions and faulty reasoning for the sake of sensationalism and commercial opportunity.

Despite all the rational explanations to all the disappearances of planes and ships passing through this area the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle persists. Now, despite all the rational explanations the mystery has deepened. The cruise ship Diamond Royale of the Royal Cruise Line was found floundering in the Sargasso Sea 200 miles south of the island of Bermuda. Initial reports of the more than 6000 passengers and crew were missing have been verified. This case will certainly no doubt add to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

Despite what some papers and other tabloids have reported the Diamond Royale was not just arbitrarily found floating in Sargasso Sea. The Royal Cruise Line had reported that they had lost contact with their ship to the US Coast Guard and had requested their assistance in finding it. After six days of searching the Coast Guard managed to find and board the cruise ship.

The Diamond Royale is the pride of the Royal Cruise Line. It is the largest cruise ship in the world with a gross tonnage of 387,374 tons and the length of 1,784 feet. Its maximum beam is 247 feet with a draft 37 feet and a cruising speed of 21.7 knots. At the time of its reported disappearance it was carrying a crew of 1,923 and 4,437 passengers.

Oddly enough the Diamond Royale's itinerary called for three days of sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. The cruise itself was a special cruise with a science fiction theme catering to Star Trek, Star Wars, and other notable science-fiction based movie fans. One might consider this to be a publicity stunt if it weren't for the more than 6000 missing people.

Our inside sources have informed us that there is no evidence as to what became of the missing people. There is no sign of a struggle or blood or anything to suggest that the ship may have been boarded by pirates or anyone else. It is though all the people just disappeared in the middle of the day based on the food found left out and the programmed menu for the day. Based on the programmed activities for the day they pretty much fixed the disappearance of the crew and passengers at right around 2:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time. While the ship was reported to have been floundering, it was actually under power and traveling in a large circle at less than 5 knots an hour.

Until the ship can be returned to port and a proper investigation can be done we may never know what became of the passengers and crew, and even after that we may never know what became of them. Presently, the Coast Guard has been unable to regain control of the ship and our sources tell us it is as if the ship was exposed to an electromagnetic burst that has apparently disabled most of the electronic equipment onboard the Diamond Royale. The controls and speed of the ship are apparently locked and a team of engineers and equipment from the Royal Cruise Line is being flown in in the hopes of being able to regain control of the ship.

Despite all the overly hyped fictionalized stories that have made the Bermuda Triangle famous; this may be the one true credible mystery ever recorded for the area.

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Cruise Liner Goes Missing in the Bermuda Triangle
Cruise Liner Missing
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