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Starfighter Command is a pending trademark of R. B. Chandler and the Galactic Enterprise - Copyright: 2012, Revision: 2015 R. B. Chandler

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This website is part of an ongoing never-ending work of art that spans across 11 websites and nearly a century’s worth of time. Even as it is an artistic endeavor it is also a literary journey as well.

There are times when this website (and all our other websites) seem to go static. We have not stopped working on this site, it is just that we have so many other projects going on at the same that we sometimes drift way for a while.

With your help, our goal is to break free of our electronic prison and bring this artistic/literary endeavor into the real world in living color and at full scale so that you can walk around and run your hand over real walls and push real buttons. With that accomplished we can begin some of our other projects that will improve the quality of life for all of humanity.

The Galactic Enterprise and United Earth for Peace Project is not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes at this time.

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