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Dear Galactic Examiner Editor:

A number of people have written to us asking why we don't run celebrity stories.

It is pretty simple really, we believe in the privacy of the individual and so in order to help protect the personal privacy of celebrities we don't run or makeup stories about popular celebrities and their children. We actually find it rather disgusting that the moment young actresses turn 18 they are subjected to innumerable photographers trying to take pictures up their dresses to determine whether or not they are wearing underwear. No one, and I mean no one, deserves that kind of scrutiny. The fact of the matter is it's actually illegal to take up-skirt pictures if you are trying to do that to anyone else other than a celebrity. Why the states in which this happens don't prosecute these photographers is beyond reasoning. The reality is both men and women often don't wear underwear and why this is such a newsflash to the rest of the world just because it's a celebrity is insane. Things like that we just don't find newsworthy and it is an extreme invasion of privacy; it doesn't matter if they’re celebrities or not. So to protect privacy of celebrities and others we just don't print those kinds of stories.

A number of questions that we get often deal with who we think is the most beautiful person or beautiful woman/man in the world.

This is an ever-changing answer. I tend to think that talking movies change the way we look at women. Certainly Mae West will stand out as portraying a woman with a less than a stellar reputation. But, unlike the catty, slutty women you see on reality TV; Mae West had style and a classiness that would make her stand out in a crowd anywhere. Not exceptionally physically beautiful and yet Mae West was truly one of the most beautiful women of her time. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly showed us what true beauty is made of. And, who can forget Raquel Welch in that cave girl outfit. My favorites of the late 20th and early 21st century I would have to go with Sandra Bullock not only as a world class act but she was one of the most beautiful women in the world as well. Lynn Collins in John Carter of Mars firmly fixed her place as another of the world's most beautiful women in her time in my mind. I can go on and on about the women I think are some of the world's most beautiful and I doubt a number of people would agree with me. As an example, Megan Fox of the first couple of the half-dozen or so transformer movies, totally hot, and a lot better looking than Rose what's her name that replaced her in the next movie of the series. Megan Fox just had that girl next-door quality about her, but I still don't think I would quite put either of their names into my most beautiful women in the world category. The actresses that played the Black Widow in a number of the Avenger series movies were certainly nice to look at but they would never make it into the top 10 of my list of the most beautiful women in the world. My tastes tend to be rather narrow and if I had to have a top 10 list of most beautiful women in the world a number of slots would be vacant. Even in the present day I have seen average everyday women just walking down the street that could give classes to some of the actresses and starlets on how to look beautiful without even trying. This is another reason why we don't do celebrity stories because it just generates bad feelings pitting one actor or actress against another. There are enough problems in the world that need our attention without the distraction of who's the best or the prettiest of the upper crust of society who are often very poor role models to begin with. So if you're looking for the hot babe on page 4, we don't have one.

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