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There are few rules for article submission. All articles must be in a journalistic story or documentary style format and must be a complete fabrication even though it may be based on current events complete with known facts. All articles may not exceed an approximate single page in length. If we print an article we do so at our sole discretion. While we have been known to write an inflammatory article or two we do reserve the right to reject any article submitted that we find to be in really bad taste for all the standard reasons, or for any reason that we may come up with in the future, or for no reason at all.

For photo submissions provide us with a file for your picture in standard picture format and a caption to go with your picture/photo and we’ll take it from there. Rules for photo submissions are pretty much the same as those for article submissions. Crude, tasteless and racist and other such photos will not be accepted. Photos/pictures can be completely fabricated.

If you would like to advertise on this website or one of our other websites I’m sure we can come to some sort of fair arrangement. If you’re somebody like General Motors you can expect that advertising will cost more than advertising for Joe’s Diner down the road where we have lunch. Due to possible trademark issues we cannot advertise any Star Wars products on this or any of our other websites.

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