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The Poisoning of the Water Supplies Across America The Life Partner Act Passes Congress !

This is a historical tale of Earth…

It is not a tale of our Earth as we know it. Who is to say how many different dimensions this reality can hold?  Small changes in the now of any world can have a great impact in the future of that world. With that said, come explore one possible future of our world.

The fine print, disclaimers and stuff: Everything on this website is completely made up and is for entertainment purposes only. However, some stories may be based on actual current social, political, or economical events and or other events generally ignored by mainstream media. Read at your own discretion.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

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She Was The First To Kill A Human

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We believe it’s time for a little anarchy. Our T-shirts express the politically charged idea of a little anarchy that takes us back as a country, as families, as individuals, to a time when common sense made sense and freedom was more than just a word in the dictionary.

Time For A Little Anarchy

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