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On May 28, 2074 reclusive millionaire Adam Canfield III was found dead by his cleaning lady. An 11 inch ceremonial dagger from the display above his bed was driven through his heart causing instant death. Rumor has it that he was found naked at the foot of his bed with the knife buried in his heart. Initially the Staten Island Police Department thought that this was a burglary gone bad.

After weeks of investigation the police began to consider the idea that an android and not a burglar may have been responsible for Adam Canfield's death. If this is the case, then it brings into question whether the androids we see and interact with every day are truly safe as Cybertron Robotics claims, or are there other androids out there waiting to malfunction in a similar fashion?

It is been reported that the Staten Island Police have video footage of a Candy Personal Companion Android using one of Adam Canfield's credit cards to make various purchases at a Wal-Mart in lower Staten Island. Our sources also tell us that a large amount of cash was withdrawn from several ATM machines in the same area using the same credit card.

Cybertron Robotics spokesperson told us that the Candy Personal Companion Androids were never designed to function beyond 10 years let alone for 23 years. But, despite what we've been told, thousands of Candy Personal Companion Androids are still in use today around the world, and hundreds are still online in Manhattan and Staten Island alone. Without a serial number the police are pretty much looking for a needle in a haystack and they have set up a special phone number and are circulating wanted posters warning people of the danger of a possible rogue android on the loose.

This incident asked the question if androids in general are truly as safe as Cybertron Robotics claims. We have been told that this is the first report of a major malfunction in any of the Cybertron Robotics’ androids they have ever received. In fact, hundreds of lives are saved each year by one of Cybertron’s androids. Cybertron Robotics has a standing offer to replace any android seriously damaged or destroyed while saving a human life and that Cybertron annually replaces about 30 androids each year honoring that offer.

Until this android can be found and diagnostics performed we will never understand why this one old android malfunctioned in such a way that left its owner dead at the bottom of his bed with a long ceremonial knife buried in his heart. Was this some weird sick twisted fantasy that ended badly, or was this a deliberate act by a broken machine; we may never know until this android can be found.

Can an android be raped? Give us your opinion here.

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