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Sodium fluoride was first added to water by Hitler as it helped keep prisoners under control. With all the known serious consequences of fluoridation including dementia, lowered IQ, kidney damage, thyroid damage, cancer, reproduction problems, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, and even death (to name a few) you have to wonder why America still fluoridates their water.

The benefit of adding fluoride to water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay began in the 1940's from the belief that fluoride’s primary benefit came from ingesting fluoride during the tooth forming years. The dental research community has long stated that fluoride’s primary benefit comes from topical contact with teeth and not from the ingestion of fluoride as previously assumed. They also go on to state that fluoride is ineffective in preventing tooth decay in the pits and fissures of teeth where the majority of decay occurs.

Research also indicates that tooth decay has declined in all Western countries irrespective of whether the countries have fluoridated their water or not. The United States is the only technically advanced country that continues to fluoridate their water. One cannot but wonder why.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, despite all the ruined lives and reputations of doctors and scientists who took a stand against the fluoridation of America's drinking water in the mid-20th century, and despite all the environmentalists and celebrities who have spoken out against adding fluoride to our drinking water the government still continues to require fluoride to be added to our water supply.

Dr. Robert Carlton, a former employee of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, stated, "Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time." In no other country was the level of pseudo-science exposed to its very core than in America. Almost every modern medical ailment since the 1950's can be blamed on the consumption of fluoridated water to one degree or another. Despite the fact that fluoride is more toxic than lead the American government continues to spend millions of dollars to convince the American people that adding fluoride to their water supply is a good thing.

At first we thought the continued poisoning of America was because of the economic impact to the aluminum mining industry that would cost the industry billions, but we have obtained information from undisclosed sources that suggest that what began as a method to dispose of industrial waste quickly morphed into a means and method of controlling the people by the government. Just as Hitler added fluoride to keep control of his prisoners, so too has the American government been adding fluoride to America's drinking water in an effort to control their population.

The information we have received seems to indicate that the government of the United States considers the health risks as an acceptable loss if the benefits of control are maintained. The information also goes on to state that this means of control seems to be effective considering they have not had to deal with the kind of large-scale violent riots that Europe and other non-fluoridated countries have experienced in recent years. While the United States has experienced a number of riots they have been nowhere near as large or as violent as those in Europe and elsewhere which would seem to validate their findings.

Is fluoridating a country's water supply for the purpose of controlling that country’s population worth the numerous health risks involved? The information that we have received would seem to indicate that the government's answer is "yes." That would probably be the same answer that Hitler would give if he were asked the same question.

Frighteningly enough, the information that we have received also seems to indicate that poisoning America's water supplies is not the only means of control that the government is employing against its own people. More to follow…

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