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Due to the rising violence between gay-rights activists and the Moral Majority in combination with other religious groups, Sen. David Kearns of Nebraska proposed the Life Partner Act as a way to end the conflict. The act bypasses a number of issues and goes straight to the heart of the matter which is providing benefits for an individual’s chosen life partner.

The hang up between the two groups is always been over the definition of marriage which the Moral Majority refuses to accept anything other than marriage being that between a man and woman. While gay-rights activists will tell you that more and more people are accepting their way of life every day; the reality is something quite different. There's a difference between acceptance and tolerance and that's what gay-rights keeps bumping into. Mainstream Christianity has learned to be tolerant of others somewhat, but will never except the definition of marriage as anything other than being between a man and a woman.

Sen. Kearns proposed legislation skirts this problem by simply changing the language that is being used. The Life Partner Act allows an individual to designate a life partner, a personal companion they select to make the journey through life with. The designated life partner is then entitled to all benefits the same as any spouse. This includes health benefits, insurance, death benefits, etc., and makes it illegal to discriminate based on race, religion, sexual preference, etc. The advantage of this piece of legislation is that all it requires is a slightly reworded document you can pick up at any courthouse the same way you would a marriage license currently.

There are a few noted loopholes in this piece of legislation the main one being that you could designate a dog or cat or any living species as a life partner. Ideally it would be a mutual contract between two people but as the legislation reads it need not necessarily be so. Understanding this problem language has been added into the legislation prohibit animals from collecting Social Security benefits and exclusions have been made to eliminate androids being designated as life partners altogether.

If this legislation is passed, designating a life partner is just as binding as a marriage from the standpoint of a law, and divorcing a life partner can be just as messy without a prenuptial agreement. Having designated each other as life partners the couple is then free to have whatever kind of service they choose, speaking whatever words or vows that have been agreed upon, but once having registered as life partners at the courthouse they are a legal couple in the eyes of the law from that point forward and some kind of service really isn't necessary.

The Life Partner Act addresses a number of issues that were previously rather fuzzy in terms of inheritance and death benefits. It is expected to pass the Senate with little change in the current language of the bill. If passed the President is expected to sign the measure.

The Life Partner Act Passes Congress !

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